Statesman Non Postable Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/Black Titanium

The Artisan® Statesman Pen Kit was designed with discriminating collectors in mind. Manufactured of the highest quality components, the Artisan® Statesman features engraved insets on the cap and barrel ends surrounded by brilliant Rhodium plating. The stunning blend of colored insets and accent band combined with Rhodium plated components combine to make a distinctive pen of unrivalled beauty. Lifetime Guarantee.
In the tradition of fine desk pens, the Artisan® Statesman Pen is not designed for use with the cap attached to the pen. This ensures that you will enjoy effortless writing and the perfect balance of the Statesman pen every time you use it. Just be sure to leave the pen cap in plain sight where others can see what they're missing!

  • German-made two-tone fountain nib with genuine iridium point for smooth writing and dependable ink flow
  • Quality fountain ink refill cartridge
  • Finished size: 11/16" x 5-3/4"
  • Minium blank size: 7/8" x 5-1/2"
  • Required drill bits: 15/32" and 37/64"

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Statesman Non Postable Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/Black Titanium

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  • £34.93

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